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Inspire a City


When COVID-19 shut down the world we felt compelled to try and help in some small, meager way. We wondered if we could help our community tap into their resilient roots and blaze a new path forward.


Seattle was built by pioneers. Pioneers who fought through death, climbed to new heights, broke records, and defied odds. We wrote this piece to remind Seattle that we are a city of pioneers and true pioneers accept and embrace the unknown. Our city will thrive in the face of uncertainty if we stay true to who we are. Don’t just stay in, #stayseattle We took it upon ourselves to make a video that would inspire our community. During these uncertain times as COVID-19 impacts the world, we wanted to remind our community we are strong if we remember our roots.

Scope of Work
Creative Development


Director: Cole Heilborn

Writer: Tyler Smith

Photographer: Salinas Holcomb

Drone: Michael Dyrland

Voice Over: Rob Ricotta

Behind the scenes

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