Old Man Mountain

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Hero Video (16x9 and 9x16)

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-99k views on YouTube 6 months after launch

-50% increase in product landing page visits


Survival gear and hunting equipment is sensitive, expensive, and essential. Stolen, lost or broken gear is a concern that many outdoorspeople are conscious of as they leave for adventures. The challenge for this project was to find a creative way to communicate that TruckVault's All Weather products are the most rugged, waterproof and secure storage systems on the market.


The first step was to develop a Creative Brief and align on the goals of the project. The brief came together over a couple of conversations with TruckVault and allowed us to iron out the deliverables, audience, tone, marketing strategy and inspiration samples for the project.

While developing the brief we naturally started to talk ideas. As we started to look for inspiration for this project we didn't have to look far. Sitting in the TruckVault parking lot was a beautifully restored Chevy K10. The more we looked at it the more we realized this truck had to be the focal point of the commercial. It's classic, boxy design captured the essence of what it meant to be rugged. Using the truck as the foundation to the project, Port Side developed a Creative Treatment with three different concepts to consider. Working with TruckVault we weighed the logistics of each concept with the goals and budget of the project. Ultimately we settled on concept number one but later revised the name.

Between the truck and this concept, we then set out to write a script that captured this pioneering attitude while also highlighting the product features of the TruckVault. As the script was in development, we started to location scout, hire our crew, cast our talent, shot list, and line up a rain machine.

The production logistics for this project required that we have rain on demand, the ability to cut down a tree, and a cabin. To solve for this we found a location that rented cabins for shooting and lodging. They also allowed us to cut down one of the trees on their property and had road access for our 500 gallon rain machine. We handled the majority of these logistics and collaborated with TruckVault to build the day of schedules. Production and Post-Production both went smoothly, we delivered the assets after two rounds of revisions.

The Outcome

This project lives natively on YouTube and is embedded in TruckVault's All Weather Line product page. With some money behind the ad, the video has been seen 150,000 times and has increased traffic to the landing page by approximately 50%.

Scope of Work
Creative Development

“From start to finish, Port Side Productions exuded creativity, professionalism and execution. Cole and his team were easy to work with and adapted quickly to changing variables. They delivered a top-notch video that perfectly captured our vision.”

Ross Roberts

Creative Director


Client/Photographer - Ross Roberts

Writer - Tyler Smith

Producer/Director - Cole Heilborn

Director of Photography - Evan Pollock

Editor - Joey Winkler

Voice Over - Dan Dunlap

Sound Designer - Gabe Chartier

Colorist - Kyle Martin

Additional Footage - Revol Entertainment

PA - Eliot Wells

Behind the scenes

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