Journey Together
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Inject Childlike Joy into Everyday Life


IZIP is a pioneer in the e-bike space, having rolled out innovative products in their signature, colorful style for over 15 years. But as electric bikes have grown in popularity, big brands are trying to cash in by producing their own ebikes. This has made it increasingly difficult for Izip to distinguish itself in a sea of competitors. Through this understanding, we realized that we needed to help people who are exhausted by grownup responsibilities to want to learn more about IZip by showing that their bikes inject childlike joy into everyday life.


Working with the IZIP team, we took the existing campaign title “Journey Together” and wrote a script to accompany the idea that drew inspiration from Wes Anderson’s, fun, quirky style. We leaned heavily into the narrative realm, shot listed, storyboarded and designed our sets all to reflect the fun and whimsy that only riding a bike can provide.


This emotional connection drawn between the audience and brand has helped IZIP carve out a niche in the e-bike market and allowed them to continue to establish the brand.


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Scope of Work
Concept Development
Creative Development
Shot List
Location Scouting
Color Grade
Sound Design
Location Permitting
Production Design


Writer: Tyler Smith

Producer/Director: Cole Heilborn

DOP: Spencer Johnson

Editor: Tyler Boyd

Line Producer: Shandi Kano

Production Designer: Victory Ralston

1st Ad: Brian Russell

Behind the scenes

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