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Episode 40 with the Mike Levy

Inspiring Change that Counts One Conversation at a Time


As SRAM grows, its scale has often been intimidating for the public. Maintaining an approachable, accessible, and relatable brand image is important to the brand's growth. SRAM wanted to develop a video podcast that would help break down barriers between athletes and the public as well as engage in meaningful conversations with their community all while humanizing the brand.


-90 second video trailer and a 30-second audio trailer

-50 video and audio episodes published weekly

-Show graphics and social cuts

-Motion graphics

-Graphic design

-Set design


Every podcast starts with an idea that inspires all aspects of the show. In order for a show to feel uniform, it has to be grounded in a truth that the brand believes in. Our first task was to identify what that truth was.

A few bike rides later the inspiration for the project became clear. We were all inspired by the conversations we share with others on the bike. Bikes are equalizers. We all have different hills to climb and sprints to finish, but the joy of riding a bike is a near-universal feeling. Perhaps the best thing about riding a bike second to being on the move is riding with a friend. For many of us, bike rides are more than the pain cave. We ride because we want to ride with others. The camaraderie, the conversations, and the community created on bikes are second to none. It’s this time spent with others that allows us to form deep relationships, get to know each other, and further our understanding and appreciation for other humans who enjoy getting on the saddle. 

We designed the show to reflect the conversations had on a group ride with friends. This idea became the perspective that grounded all of the creative decisions to come.

Creative Brief


Hosted by David Zimberoff, SRAM’s VP of Marketing, the show featured a question-and-answer style format between the host and a guest appearance from athletes, community ambassadors, and champions of the sport. The format of the show was designed to feel like a bike ride. Featuring segments that mirror a bike ride, audience members could “join” a group ride and sit in on the conversation. With David as the host, the series interviews athletes in a remote, side-by-side format, about the change they are creating in the world. 


We decided to name the show “Changing Gears” to reflect the mantra of the conversations - athletes sharing how they’ve risen to the top but have now changed gears and are focused on giving back to their communities. After a few design revisions, we landed on the show logo.

Final logo revision round

Set Design

Since the primary distribution channel was YouTube we knew we needed to invest in a quality set design in order to anchor the shows environment for consistency. Through a few ideas and iterations, we settled on a steel backdrop, light tubes, a lit-up sign, and a bike rack. 

Set deck mood boards

Set design fabrication plans

Set assembled

Launch and On-Going Collaboration

We worked with SRAM to develop and build the technical requirements to run the show remotely, created tech kits that could be shipped to guests around the world, produced a video and audio trailer to launch the show, and worked with SRAM throughout the year to manage post-production, write show notes, episode graphics and publish the episodes.


After 50 episodes, Changing Gears hosted a wide variety of guests such as Vali Höll, Brandon Semenuk, Fabian Cancellara, Payson McElveen, Stan and FK Day, Rebecca Rusch, Kate Courtney, and many others.

  • 110,000+ views/downloads across video and audio platforms
  • The SRAM LinkedIn page was able to promote the show heavily and totaled hundreds of thousands of impressions
  • SRAM MTB, Rockshox, SRAM Road, Zipp, and the other SRAM brands had weekly content they could post on Instagram and Facebook
  • SRAM ambassadors and athletes were given the content to be published on their own channels
  • An archive of evergreen content with SRAM ambassadors and athletes having honest and impactful conversations
  • The show was a valuable tool for SRAM’s HR department to share the culture with prospective hires
  • The show also played a valuable role in deepening the relationship between SRAM and its athlete partners

Scope of Work
Creative Development
Naming of Show
Set Design
Set Fabrication
Tech Solution and Gear Management
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics

“I’ve worked with Cole and the team at Port Side for over a year now and have been super impressed with them. They are smart, fast, authentic, humble, respectful, resourceful, creative, and highly communicative. They are a thorough group that gets it, and does what it takes to get the job done. I’ve literally worked with hundreds of agency’s and creative partners throughout my career, and I can honestly say they are awesome. I would highly encourage you to work with them if you have a project in their wheelhouse. When I first met Cole, the roles were reversed. He invited me to be on HIS podcast. I was his guest. He was so pro, and really made me feel comfortable. His approach, mannerisms, communication and respect were amazing. His curiosity was genuine and intelligent. Fast forward a couple years, and when I had an idea for a podcast, and promotions to support it, there was nobody I was going to turn to but Cole and Port Side. He quickly put together an A-team of insiders and partners to execute and they nailed it. I’m so happy, and stoked to be working with this team. The only mistake you might make is NOT hiring them for something!”

David Zimberoff

VP of Marketing @ SRAM


Director/Producer: Cole Heilborn

Line Producer: Emily Holland

Graphic Design: David Taylor

Set Design: Victory Ralston

Cinematographer: Spencer Astra

Editors: Liz Astra and Brandon Garcia

Motion Graphics: Natasha Candelaria

Fabrication: Tim Crandall and Bader Art Metal

Equipment Manager: Brian Russell

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