Case Study

Casual Adventure

Broadcast, Digital // 0:30
Digital // 0:15
Digital // 0:15

The small things in life

Continuing our ad campaign strategy, we started with our Adventure On commercial. Smith Kia approached us to create a commercial with supporting assets to capture the idea of “casual adventure” in Bellingham and how their brand supports the lifestyle. We decided to create a :30 second hero commercial for broadcast and then break that down into 7 smaller :15 second ads for digital use.

Cat and Company
Scope of Work
Creative Development
Color Grade


Director Cole Heilborn

Cinematographer/DP Chris Swoboda

Grip Keaton Urling-Ehinger

Voice Over Ross Huguet

Behind the scenes

2020 Kia Optima
Director and DP review shot
Shooting a car commercial behind the scenes
Shooting a car commercial behind the scenes
Shooting a car commercial behind the scenes
Freefly Alta on a commercial set
Drone pilots planning a shot
Pre-flight drone tests
Man assembling a drone prior to flight
Car commercial being shot outside a brewery
Director and DP review a shot
Talent on camera
Camera operator uses freefly movi on a video production set
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