Case Study

Cadenza Charters

Digital // 1:30

The destination is hardly what matters

Our goal for this project was to capture the beauty of being on the water, and bring the joy of travelling on boats to a visitor on a website. This film has been a key tool in increasing charter bookings, so much so that they've had to turn down booking requests.

Scope of Work
Concept Development
Color Grade


Director Cole Heilborn

Colorist Anthony Fiorillo

Voice Over Hank Harris

Behind the scenes

Boat driving off into the sunset
Northern BC islands
Yacht sits at anchor during sunset
Fishing boat headed out to sea
Man shoots grizzly bears from a boat
Grizzly bear and her cubs
Sullivan Bay from a drone shot
Misty Canadian islands
Stunning BC islands
Porpoise riding a boats wake
Yacht at anchor
Sullivan Bay
Sullivan bay at sunset
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