Case Study

Adventure On

Broadcast // 0:30

From Ski to Sea there’s plenty to explore

Smith Kia of Bellingham approached us with the idea of creating a commercial that embodied what it means to adventure in Bellingham. They saw an opportunity to position their brand in the local broadcast space that the rest of the market wasn’t doing. What we created was a commercial that when local residents see it on television they say “hey, I know that place."

Scope of Work
Concept Development
Sound Design
Color Grade


Director Cole Heilborn

Cam Op Ryan Hamilton

Assistant Camera Mark Kutrovski

Voice Over Ross Huguet

Behind the scenes

Two men shoot a timelapse of a mountain
Kia Sorento loaded with a kayak
Film team shoots out the back of a car
Car commercial behind the scenes
Shooting video in the snow
Shooting a car commercial
Kia Sportage driving in the snow
Filming a car commercial in the snow
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