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Ep 53: Justine Mulliez | Creatives in the Wild | Just a Wild Thought

Are you a freelancer in the outdoor world?

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If you're a freelancer in the outdoor industry, chances are you've asked yourself the following questions:

How do I turn my passion into a business?

How do I charge?

How do I position myself?

How do I conquer my inner critic?


In this episode, we're changing up the focus a bit. We've talked with agencies and brands a lot on this show but a group that we haven't chatted with much is the freelancer who is often doing the work. 


Many of us fall into freelance work because we love our craft and we love the industry. But how do we actually do it well? How do we not burn out? How do we get clients? These are all questions I have asked and will continue to ask with my own business. Justine Mulliez from Just a Wild Thought Coaching shares the mic with me in this episode to discuss all of these challenging yet real issues freelancers face.


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