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EP 115: Ariel Macrae |The Outerverse | Outside Inc.

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Ariel Macrae is the Marketing & Social Media Manager for Outside Inc. She has spent over ten years in the outdoor industry, in both service and product marketing roles. She started my career working for ski resorts with a big focus on season pass marketing strategies, transitioned into freelance helping startup outdoor product brands, then started working for ROAM Media 2 years ago. ROAM Media was acquired by Outside Inc. last fall and Ariel has since taken the lead on content marketing for the launch of the new NFT creator marketplace this episode, Cole and Ariel discuss:- The Outerverse- Using this data platform to create more value for the outdoor community- The controversy of Web3, NFTs, and beyond- How to know when you're ready to launch a new project like thisAnd much more!You can catch up with Ariel on LinkedIn - Backcountry Marketing Podcast is a production of Port Side Productions.

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