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Ep 80: Darren Kinnaird | Event Marketing, Maintaining Sponsorships and COVID | Crankworx

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Of all the industries to get hammered the most during COVID, the events industry has been hit hard. Forced to cancel, post-pone, shutter doors, and limit capacities. Events around the world have been struggling to operate with the restrictions.

To make matters more challenging, many events have had to come up with creative ways to continue to provide value to sponsors even if their signature events have changed considerably. Darren Kinnaird, the Managing Director of Crankworx, shares how he and his team have adapted, expanded their service offerings, and created an entirely new event for the summer of 2020 in response to the shutdown.

Through all of this, Darren and his team have remained positive, and have adopted the mindset of: 'Everything has changed, but nothing has changed."

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