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EP 77: Al Perkinson | 5 Steps to Becoming an Authentic Brand | Bajio Sunglasses - Part 1

Al breaks down the 5 steps needed to create an authentic brand.

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These days many companies are losing trust with their consumers and are looking for ways to rebuild that trust. The outdoor industry has always had a staple of "authentic brands" in its ranks, however, what does being an authentic brand mean? How does a brand achieve this status?

In this two-part episode, Al Perkinson from Bajio Sunglasses breaks down the 5 steps required to build an authentic brand. As an industry veteran with two decades of experience, Al has started to notice trends that all authentic brands do in order to earn that designation.  The five steps are relatively simple, but require an immense amount of intentionality and effort to maintain. Al breaks down a common marketing buzzword into actionable, and digestible steps.

1. Creation story

2. Higher calling

3. Performance

4. True to your core

5. Design as a weapon

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Series where we explore authenticity and community building with Al.

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Produced by:
Port Side Productions, Backcountry Marketing and Cole Heilborn

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