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EP 70: Bonie and Jordan | Re-Launching an Iconic Brand | Ibex

And the responsibility in doing so

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Ibex used to be a beloved brand that championed Merino Wool technology and was passionate about its climate impact. These two elements created an undying community of users who loved their Ibex clothing.


Unfortunately in 2018, the brand had to close its doors during a shift from wholesale to direct to consumer. The closure wasn't pretty and left many partners feeling burned. As some would say "The only bridge Ibex didn't burn was the one with their customer."


In this episode, Bonie Shupe the GM/Director of Product, and Jordan Todoroff the Head of Sales, join me to discuss the process of re-launching the brand. They discuss the reasons Ibex 1.0 went under, what worked and what didn't. Moving forwards, they discuss their plans for the company and express their passion for re-kindling a brand loved by many.


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