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EP 56: John Salzinger | The Advertisers Responsibility | MPOWERD

Toxic consumerism, advertising and the marketer's responsibility

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In this episode, John Salzinger the Founder of MPOWERD shares his opinion on how we as an industry address toxic advertising and the downstream effects. 


As people are trying to escape the urban sprawl of advertising, marketers continue to promote, sell and push their products in every conceivable way. These days you can't even go to a gas station without having a screen shoved in your face!


When I consider the impact of excessive consumerism, the environmental impact these products have and the mental health impact social media has. I start to question the work we as marketers are doing.  Have we become so good at selling that we are no longer concerned with the impact of what and how we're selling?


Tune in to this episode to hear John eloquently describe his thoughts around these complicated issues.

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