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Ep 52: Kansas Sartin | Never Settle | PAKMULE Cargo Carrier

Monster beatings and still keeps going

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Like many business start-ups, Kansas Sartin saw a need and decided to fill that need. PAKMULE was created to provide cargo storage in the form of a rugged, hitch-mounted system.


In this episode, Kansas shares the background of his company, where they're going, and how they use customer feedback to understand pain points. As he says: "There’s no parts store in the field, so having quality equipment that you can count on is a must. We know first hand because this is our life, and we’ve often found ourselves in the most remote places on earth."


From the episode:

"Talking to customers is how we learn pain points. What are they trying to do, where are they going?"


"My absolute favorite thing to see is when customers send us pictures using our product, with smiles on their faces."


 "By design, Pakmule is going to take a monster beating and keep going."


"I want to be a problem solver and innovation leader in the market while at the same time being as environmentally responsible as possible."






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