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Ep 51: Cory Van Auken | Digital Marketing and PR | Darby Communications

We go deep inside Darby's approach to analyze how they integrate digital and PR

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PR is changing. We all know this and in fact, we did an episode on it with Chris Dickey in Season 1 Episode 13.


In this episode, we dive deeper into how PR is changing. I sit down with Cory Van Auken from Darby Communications to try and understand how PR and Digital Marketing can work together. We talk briefly about how Darby is structured and how they work with clients, but then we jump into discussing Darby's proprietary algorithm that scores the impact of PR hits. Cory helped design this algorithm and explains why having a visual representation of PR value is necessary and insightful in today's world.


From the episode:


"[Darby Communications] is unique in a way that we take a team approach with each client that we have. Every client gets an account lead, and then additional teammates depending on the services they need."


"There is something to be said about the fact that the print format is making a comeback. You are inviting print issues into your home, rather than being bombarded with unwarranted marketing that pops up on your social feeds. Print is artwork. You consume it because you want to and you allow yourself to."


"Good PR works with good marketing to bolster the whole brand up."


"The idea that everyone can improve is ensuring that we are connecting the product back to the story and the importance of the brand, and why the brand is doing what they're doing."


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