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Ep 50: Peter and Spencer | The Low Impact Camper | Super Pacific

Low Impact, Urban Lifestyle, and Truck Utility

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In this episode, I'm joined by Peter Williams and Spencer Houser, two of the three co-founders from Super Pacific.


Super Pacific is a truck bed camper company based out of Portland that was born out of the challenges of getting their families outside. Many of us wish we could buy a sprinter, build it out, and just hit the road. But the reality for most of us looks far different. 


With families of their own, Peter and Spencer realized they had trouble getting their own kids outside for a weekend. They assumed others did too.


After some industry research, they decided to start making low-impact truck campers. Campers that would make it easy to get outside on the weekend without compromising the utility of a pick-up. 


From the episode:

"We wanted something that would facilitate an outdoor lifestyle without compromising the utility of our pick-up truck." 

"We are operating in a small niche within the larger space. I call it the low-impact camper category. This niche is challenging for bigger brands to fill."

"People like to customize their stuff. As we looked at what was out there, we felt like it was an opportunity that other companies were missing. We would be setting ourselves apart in offering something that everyone else was overlooking. It's proven to be pretty popular."

"It's about getting outside and being able to live an urban life without having to sacrifice a connection to the outdoors and that sort of spontaneous youthful spirit that gets a little harder to hold onto as you grow and gain more responsibilities."


Check them out at


Follow Super Pacific: @superpacific_usa


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