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EP 161: The ROI of Brand Loyalty and Building Loyalty through Brand Storytelling

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What is the value of a loyal audience?

This is a big question that many brands ask themselves as they evaluate whether or not to pursue brand storytelling. In this episode, we explore the dollars and cents of customer loyalty, how brand storytelling builds loyalty with an audience, and how the countless decisions in the filmmaking process are opportunities to either build or break trust with a brand's audience.


- Brand storytelling helps differentiate a brand and build an engaged and loyal audience.

- Building trust through brand storytelling can have a significant impact on a brand's bottom line.

- Transitive trust is a powerful tool in brand storytelling, where trust in characters on screen translates to trust in the brand.

- Resonating with the audience, choosing appropriate locations, ensuring authenticity, and paying attention to supporting details are crucial in building trust through brand storytelling.


00:37 - The Value of Being Different

01:31 - The ROI of Loyalty through Brand Storytelling

03:25 - The Impact of Loyalty on the Bottom Line

04:24 - Transitive Trust in Brand Storytelling

05:49 - Opportunities to Build Trust in Brand Storytelling

06:44 - Resonating with the Audience

07:41 - Choosing Locations that Resonate

08:07 - Authenticity in Brand Storytelling

09:03 - Supporting Details in Brand Storytelling

10:00 - The Importance of Asking the Right Questions

These Fireside Chats are short discussions where we'll delve into the heart of storytelling and its pivotal role in today's marketing landscape.  In these short episodes, we'll explore the art of storytelling, and uncover the insights to help you craft narratives that captivate, resonate, and leave a lasting impact on your brand.

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