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EP 156: The Missing Ingredient in Outdoor Storytelling

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It's been a long time in the works, but we're excited to announce the launch of our first mini-series. 

These Fireside Chats are short discussions where you and I will delve into the heart of storytelling and its pivotal role in today's marketing landscape.  In these short episodes, we'll explore the art of storytelling, and uncover the insights to help you craft narratives that captivate, resonate, and leave a lasting impact on your brand.

To kick-off this new series, I decided to dive head first into a real problem I think our industry has when it comes to branded storytelling. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started to watch a branded film but 2 minutes in I find myself asking: “Why should I care about this story?” If I can’t answer that question I’ll close out of the video and move on with my day. This question is the crux that every story must answer to capture the attention and curiosity of the audience

Many outdoor brands tend to tell stories that prioritize physical accomplishment over the human experience, resulting in narratives that lack relatability and emotional resonance. This oversight can leave audiences feeling detached and unengaged, impacting the effectiveness of the storytelling.

Join me monthly as we unravel the tales and insights like this one that make brands come alive. 


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