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EP: 144 | YouTube is the Future for Outdoor Media | Sam Van Boxtel | Climbers Crag

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You may recognize this episode's guest from a past episode of the Backcountry Marketing Podcast. As he describes himself, Sam Van Boxtel is "just a climber obsessed with social media." Well, he's much more than that. Sam is a climber and entrepreneur based in Vancouver, Washington. He and his team make up Climbers Crag, the climbing industry's leading social media agency, helping outdoor brands with social media and YouTube management.

Sam joins Cole again on the show, this time to talk about the huge opportunity that is YouTube for all outdoor brands. Listen in as Sam shares some recent insights he's found that are changing his perspective on YouTube for brands.

You can learn more about Sam's company, Climber's Crag here:

You can connect with Sam here:

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