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EP: 139 | The Power of Stories | Storytelling Series Part 1 of 4 | Roo Smith | Filmmaker

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Roo Smith is a commercial/documentary filmmaker and photographer based in Boulder, Colorado. He has produced films for Outside Magazine in Ireland, camera operated for Netflix in the Rocky Mountain West, photographed among indigenous communities in Peru and Ecuador, directed videos with professional climbers in Mexico and has received notable recognition in his hometown of Orcas Island in Washington State for his work telling uplifting stories in the outdoor space.

Roo joins us as part of our 4-part storytelling series to discuss the power and importance of stories.

In this episode, you'll learn:

- about the importance of vulnerability and authenticity in storytelling

- how to create emotion

-driven strategies to create meaningful relationships with others

- how to build brand resonance over building company awareness

- why stories help us heal

And much, much more!

You can catch up with Roo at his website:

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