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EP: 123 | Website Development for 2023 | Tom Moreno | Salomon

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Tom Moreno started his career in retail at Helly Hansen before joining evo’s first-ever retail store. After 13 years there, he took a chance on a startup called Awayco - trying to offer an alternative to purchasing by connecting consumers with demo/rental products in shops across the globe in Surf, Snow, and Bike. Tom eventually landed at Salomon’s North America office in November of 2020 where he now oversees site operations - from visual merchandising to catalog to working with the digital product team to iterate and refine their website. Tom joins the podcast to talk about website development, what marketers need to know about websites, user experience, and what trends we should be aware of and following as we head into 2023.This podcast is brought to you by Port Side Productions. If you work at a brand or agency in the outdoor industry that needs help bringing a video project to life, head over to and send us an email. We’d love to help!

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