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EP 122: How to Build Loyal and True Fans | Alex Willie & Becky Lyttle | ExpertVoice

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On this episode of the show, we have two guests! Alex Willie and Becky Lyttle from ExpertVoice join us to tell us how to build loyal and true fans, the importance of brand advocacy, and building your brand community.Alex is a former professional mountain biker turned marketing pro. After his cycling career, he started his career in marketing and eventually landed at ExpertVoice, managing current client partnerships and helping brands build advocacy. Becky spent 8 years of her early career with the US Snowboard Team where she gained experience in event management, implementing education, and certification programs. After time in non-profit leadership, she moved into bringing new products to market and managing customer experience at ExpertVoice.If you work at a brand or agency in the outdoor industry that needs help bringing a video project to life, head over to and send us an email. We’d love to help!

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