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EP 121: Mental Health and CTE in the Workplace | David Meredith | Full Speed Ahead

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David Meredith is the Dirt Marketing Manager for Full Speed Ahead and has been in the bike industry for years, including racing, owning a retail shop, and operating his own international bicycle brand. David comes on the show to share his experience in the bike industry, but also, to share his experience being a human pre-diagnosed with CTE, Stage 4.In this episode, David and Cole discuss:What CTE is (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy)How CTE impacts how David approaches lifeWhat we ask of athletes in our industryAnd much more. We want to thank David for coming on our show and sharing his story on this platform. This is an important story and we hope you'll share this with your fellow outdoor community members to seek more understanding and hopefully change gear/policies to make our sports more safe.If you want to catch up with Full Speed, you can do that on Instagram.This podcast is a project from Port Side Productions.

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