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Ep. 108: Ben O'Meara | Foundations of Huckberry | Huckberry (Throwback)

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Today, we're revisiting one of our most popular episodes from 2021, our conversation with Ben O'Meara. Give this one a listen if you haven't already, or revisit for some major knowledge dropping.


In this episode, Ben O'Meara the VP of Marketing at Huckberry breaks down the core components that make Huckberry, Huckberry. Huckberry is an online shop and journal that inspires active, adventurous, and stylish lives through original storytelling. They're best known for their curated products and collaborations as well as their commitment to storytelling at every touchpoint.

Ben discusses how foundational storytelling is to everything they do, previous product launches that didn't work, and how email has built Huckberry.

You can connect with Ben on Instagram here and follow Huckberry here.

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