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The Results From Our Work


Last year we wrote a blog post about the topic of: "Is our work effective?"

We're in business to solve our clients challenges, we just use creativity and storytelling to do so. We thought it would be appropriate to look back at some of our projects and ask ourselves, what did this do for our clients? The results were surprising and out of the data we decided to put together some case studies. The highlights can be found below:

1. Floating on a Dream

Client: Western Washington University Men's Rowing

Challenge: Faced with dwindling recruitment numbers, WWU Men's Rowing needed a way to increase enrollment.

Outcome: We wrote a script that captured the grit these guys put themselves through. We knew that qualified candidates would rise to the challenge if we provoked them, so we leaned into it.

Impact: 96% increase in enrollment between 18-19' season and 19-20'.

2. Adventure On

Client: Smith Kia of Bellingham

Challenge: Smith Kia needed to re-brand and connect to it's local community while also distinguishing itself from the other local car dealerships.

Outcome: With a 30 second commercial we connected the dealership to the local scene by using the tag line "Adventure On." We brought high quality production and creativity to an industry that has been known to produce low quality work.


-22,000 views on YouTube

-Immense community support and engagement

-We have since created 8 more videos

3. Enjoy the Journey

Client: Cadenza Charters

Challenge: With a need to increase booking conversions, Cadenza Charters needed a way to capture the beauty of it’s experience to potential customers on their website.

Outcome: Developing a short narrative we wrote, shot and edited the film to capture the beauty, both physical and emotional that is experienced on a charter.

Impact: The charter company has had to turn down offers because of the quantity of inquiries.

Now before we can take all of the credit for these results, it should be worth stating that good video without good strategy leaves you high and dry. Each of these clients represented had a strategy and all we had to do was deliver on our part of the goal.

In 2020, let's focus on making work that actually gets results. Curious how video can help you achieve your goals? We'd be happy to help.

-Cole Heilborn