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The Power of the Sea


The sea has long captivated the imagination of people since the beginning of time. It's expanse, mystery and endless depths are home to tales of valor, tragedy, and exploration. None have conquered her because only the ocean determines one's fate.

It's these tales of adventure that lit a fire in our hearts and it's this fire that fuels the video production work we do at Port Side Productions.

Commercial fishing boat in Bellingham

What I find remarkable is that these tales and narratives from long ago still captivate today's audience. We humans haven't changed much. We love to be swept off our feet and immersed in a new world.

I know the word "story" is such a buzz word in the marketing and video world these days but there's a reason for it. A real story, one with characters, motive and up's and down's can move mountains. We tip our hats to the few and brave who are telling real stories. It takes grit and respect paid to a timeless craft to do it well.