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Mountain Bikes and a Cable Cam


There are few things that pair as well together as a mountain bike and a cable cam.

Rigging a cable cam in the woods
Rigging the cable cam

The feeling of good trail beneath the rubber feels like you're floating. As filmmakers, we try to find the best way to capture feelings from the real world and translate them into a digital medium, which is why we love to create videos around mountain bikes. It's a culture that makes for great storytelling and creative opportunities.

Bellingham is known for it's legendary mountain biking. For the last 30 years, trail builders and riders have been at work transforming our woods into flowing paths full of jumps to big for a sane person to hit. Bellingham's most notable mountain biking destination is Galbraith mountain. Recently featured in an article by Patagonia, Galbraith is home to 55 + miles of mix-use trails designed for mountain bikers, hikers, equestrians and trail runners. Galbraith has 30 years of tense history between land owners and riders, so much so that we are creating a documentary named "Biketown", about the future of recreation. Find more information here.

Disappearing into the woods

That being said, mountain biking is a large part of Bellingham's culture so when we had the chance to drag a cable cam system into the woods we were stoked with the opportunity to use a tool to capture that eternal flowing feeling.

At the end of the day what we captured was more than what we had imagined. It was beautiful. Drones are great but the only way to get that "tree whizzing by" feeling safely, is with a cable cam.

Looks like 2020 will be filled with more cable cam shots.

See ya on the trails

- Cole Heilborn