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Live Streaming a Concert with iPhones? Yup.


In the film world technology is changing. It's changing so fast that people won't purchase a new camera because they know a better one will be coming out in less than six months.

Despite all of this craze, there is one industry within the film/tech world that isn't creating as much buzz as it should be. Everyone understands what "going live" means. Ever since Facebook and YouTube have introduced that "live" button. Our feeds have been filled with awkward videos of people trying to talk to their audience without the grace of editing.

There is one company that's trying to change all of that. Teradek makes some incredible equipment. They're any cinematographers dream company, they specialize in creating cinema grade, wireless monitor setups, broadcast hardware and wireless follow focuses. Basically if it's wireless and makes your camera way more functional it's likely got a Teradek logo.

Teradek has taken a look at the live market and has hit the ground running with some incredible tools, hardware and software that makes your average internet users live broadcast look and sound like it was done professionally. We partnered with them to create a film about their entry level live software called Live:Air. The software essentially turns your iPhones into remote cameras that when connected to an iPad are able to be streamed to your favorite live platforms with all of the functionality and control of a video switcher.

Given this creative deck, we knew we had to do something cool. We partnered with a band based in Seattle. What we made was something pretty fun. I could tell you about the concept or you could just watch the film.

You can find the film on this blog post from Teradek here:

Huge thanks to my team who made this project a success and of course thank you Teradek!

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Ryan Hamilton


Camera Op:

Alex Williams


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Jake Warren



Anthony Fiorillo