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Is Our Work Effective?


Often times as creatives we get caught up in the theatrics and artistry of the films we make that we forget to ask one simple question: Is this film going to solve our clients problem?

Any good business is able to solve it's customers problems with their product/service and we at Port Side are no different. More often than not in my consultation process with a client I discover that what they think they need is actually not what they need to solve the problem at hand.

Clients will typically come to us self-prescribing a solution (make a video) and look for our diagnosis to be of the same. When this is the scenario, my first question is why? Why do you need a film? What about a film will solve your problem? Often the client will have a ready response that validates their own diagnosis but occasionally I find that the client doesn't need a film and it's my job to direct them to the service or individual they need to talk to.

To answer the question "Is Our Work Effective?" we as Creative Directors, Producers and Agency Owners first need to make sure, for our sake and our clients, that the correct tool is being applied to the right problem. Only then can we set out to create a film/strategy that's effective.

If you're curious to hear how we take the next step into ensuring our work is effective and how we approach each project, go ahead and take a peek at the video above where I dive into detail.

If you're reading this and questioning whether or not you need a film, ask yourself these two questions: 1. What am I trying to achieve? 2. How am I trying to achieve it? If you still need a video after that, go ahead and shoot us a message. We are all ears.

BTS photo courtesy of: Jake Warren